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NIELIT DOEACC CCC Question Answer Paper 24

  NIELIT DOEACC CCC Question Answer Paper 24:- NIELIT DOEACC Topic Wise CCC Question With Answer Paper in English (Hindi) की इस पोस्ट में आप सभी अभ्यर्थियो का एक बार से स्वागत करते है आज की इस CCC Question Answer की की पोस्ट में आप सीखने जा रहे है Important CCC Notes / Question paper /Model Paper / Sample Paper/ Previous Year Paper / Mock Test Paper / Practice Set Paper in English (Hindi) के बारे में जो बहुत ही महत्त्वपूर्ण है | CCC Study Material in English (Hindi) (PDF Download) करने के लिए हमने आपको पहले ही CCC Study Mateiral in Hindi की पोस्ट शेयर कर दी गयी है |

Multiple choice Questions (NIELIT DOEACC CCC Question Answer in English (Hindi)

  1. Material consisting of text and numbers is best presented as
  • A table slide
  • A bullet slide
  • A title slide
  • All of these
  1. Background color or effects applied on a document is not visible in
  • Web layout view
  • Print layout view
  • Reading view
  • Print preview
  1. Ctrl + R means
  • Re-open the last closed document
  • Re-print the last printed page
  • Re-apply the last paragraph formatting
  • Right align the selected paragraph formatting
  1. Paste Special allows some operation while you paste to new cell. Which of the following operation is valid?
  • Square
  • Percentage
  • Goal Seek
  • Divide
  1. Edit>> Delete command
  • Deletes the content of a cell
  • Deletes formats of cell
  • Deletes the comment of cell
  • Deletes selected cell
  1. A webpage displays a picture. What tag was used to display that picture?
  • Picture
  • Image
  • IMG
  • SRC
  1. <b> tag makes the enclosed text bold.
  • <Strong>
  • <Bar>
  • <Bland>
  • <EMP>
  1. Tags and test that are not directly displayed on the page are written in……… section.
  • <Html>
  • <Head>
  • <Title>
  • <Body>
  1. Which tag inserts a line horizontally on your web page?
  • <Hr>
  • <Line>
  • <Line direction= “horizontal”>
  • <TR>
  1. A scheduling algorithm can use either………… priority or ……….. priority
  • Static, still
  • Static, dynamic
  • Live, dead
  • None of these

  1. The priority of a process will ………. If the scheduler assigns it a static priority.
  • Chang
  • Remain unchanged
  • Depends on the operating system
  • None of these
  1. As disks have relatively low transfer rates and relatively high m latency rates, disk schedulers must reduce latency times to
  • Ensure high bandwidth
  • Ensure low bandwidth
  • Make sure data is transferred
  • Reduce data transfer speeds
  1. In which type of streaming multimedia file is delivered to the client, but not shared?
  • Real-time streaming
  • Progressive download
  • Compression
  • None of the above
  1. Which one of the following is the characteristic of a multimedia system?
  • High storage
  • High data rates
  • Both (a) and (b)
  • None of the above
  1. In LINUX operating system which command is used to copy files from one location to another
  • Cp
  • Copy
  • CPD
  • Ck
  1. In LINUX operating system which utility is used for command line calculator
  • Cal
  • BC
  • Calculate
  1. When Microsoft Windows 2000 was released
  • January 1,2000
  • February 17,2000
  • June 16,2000
  • August 17,2000
  1. Insert data, format page Number and Insert Auto Text are buttons on the……… toolbar.
  • Formatting
  • Header and footer
  • Standard
  • Edit
  1. Which of the following do you use to change margins?
  • Formatting toolbar
  • Page set-up dialog box
  • Standard toolbar
  • Paragraph dialog box
  1. Which of these characters cannot be used when naming a folder/file?
  • :
  • <>
  • /
  • All of these
  1. What are the three features that allow the user to move text and graphics between windows.
  • Cut, Copy, paste
  • Cut, Open, close
  • Copy, GOTO insert
  • Paste, New, Search
  1. To use your keyboard instead of the mouse to select tools on the ribbon you display the key tips by pressing the …… key?
  • Alt
  • Ctrl
  • Shift + Enter
  • Alt + Enter
  1. Press……. To create a line break, which advances the insertion point to the beginning of the next physical line – ignoring any paragraph formatting instructions
  • Shift + enter
  • Ctrl + enter
  • Shift +tab
  • Ctrl + tab
  1. Macros are “run” or exe executed from the… menu.
  • Insert
  • Format
  • Tools
  • Data
  1. You can open the consolidate dialog box by chilling consolidate form the ………… menu.
  • Insert
  • Format
  • Tools
  • Data

Answer (NIEILT DOEACC CCC Question Answer Paper in English)

1.       A 2.       D 3.       D 4.       D 5.       D
6.       C 7.       A 8.       B 9.       A 10.   B
11.   B 12.   A 13.   A 14.   C 15.   A
16.   B 17.   B 18.   B 19.   B 20.   D
21.   A 22.   A 23.   A 24.   C 25.   D

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