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CCC True False Question Answer Set 6

  CCC True False Question Answer Set 6:- CCC Computer Exam Paper 2018 2019 के लिए हम इस पोस्ट में आपको NIELIT (DOEACC) CCC True and False Questions With Answer in English Language Online Study करने के लिए यह पोस्ट शेयर कर रहे है | इस पोस्ट जोभी CCC True False Question है इन्हें हमने CCC Study Material in English and Hindi (PDF Download ) की पोस्ट से बनाया हुआ है | इतना ही नही हमने ये सभी NIELIT (DOEACC) CCC True False Question Answer को CCC Notes के आधार पर तैयार किया है जो CCC Exam Paper में बहुत पूछे जाते है |

DOEACC NIELIT True/False Questions

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the science that attempts to create machines that will emulate the human thought process.
  2. Macintosh computers use the Macintosh operating system (Mac OS), whereas PCs generally run Microsoft Windows as an operating system.
  3. A process known as data mining tracks trends and allows retailers to respond to consumer selling patterns.
  4. VISI Calc is a spreadsheet software
  5. It is possible to select non-consumer selling patterns.
  6. Sheet! AI: CI is an invalid range address.
  7. To select an entire column of an excel spreadsheet, it is required to click on the cell located in the first of the corresponding column
  8. You can add new sheet to the workbook by using worksheet command on the Insert menu. The new worksheet is inserted in front of the current sheet.
  9. Microsoft Excel ignores manual page breaks when you use the Fit to option of the Page Set-up.
  10. Styles can be used to generate a table of contents quickly in word.
  11. Animation effects appears in the Standard toolbar.
  12. BOOS stands for basic integrated Operating System.
  13. LENGTH () function is used to find the length of the string.
  14. The floating text (text not associate with objects in the chart) cannot be moved in the chart area.
  15. “Just as you can preview worksheet before printing, it is not possible to preview a chart.”
  16. “To insert a header or footer in worksheet, select Header and Footer option in the File menu,”
  17. You can add items to the Start menu of windows.
  18. FAT means File allocation table.
  19. A system that can process two or more programs is called Multi programming.
  20. Step by step instructions is called software.
  21. The process of writing such program instructions for an analyzed problem is called coding.
  22. A software that convert a high level language program to binary is Assembler
  23. Present day computers work (internally) with decimal numbers.
  24. A computer system can be split into input, processing and output.
  25. Digital systems do jnot handle INFORMATIONS in digital form.
  26. Most telephone exchanges are computerized.
  27. The overall functions of the O.S are to manage I/O, files and memory
  28. Internet is a network of computer networks.
  29. Firmware is software that is embedded in a hardware device.
  30. Primary memory has higher storage capacity than secondary memory.
  31.  Pressing FI is a common way to invoke help in Windows.
  32. “To select an entire document in Word, move the pointer to the left of any document text until it changes to a right-pointing arrow, and then double-click.”
  33. [Ctrl]+[U] Selects the italics style for the selected text.
  34. A blank line is also called as a paragraph. It is called as an empty paragraph.
  35. [Del] key deletes the text to the left of the insertion point.
  36. Word includes a number of Auto Correct entries. We can use these entries but cannot modify them.
  37. You can create your own dictionaries in Word.
  38. “When you create a formula that contains a function, the Insert Function dialog box helps you enter worksheet functions.”
  39. A network that connects buildings within a city is called a MAN.
  40. A WAN can benefit a company by allowing workers to share equipment like printers and file servers.
  41. The topology of a network is the arrangement of the computers within it.
  42. The more computer systems are becoming easy-to-use with their agronomical designs and user friendly software.
  43. Microcomputer systems may be used in homes as well as offices.
  44. Word processing operations are restricted to the computerization of clerical task and do not permit output distribution throughout an organization.
  45. Microcomputers are not programmed like conventional computers.
  46. Minicomputers are task-oriented.
  47. Electronic watches and calculations use digital ICs.
  48. Cancel button on the formula bar can be used to undo a cell entry after it has been completed .
  49. In Excel a formula entry start with an equal to sign
  50. RAM is a Temporary memory.

Answer (CCC True False Questions With Answer in English)

1.       T 2.       T 3.       F 4.       T 5.       T
6.       F 7.       T 8.       T 9.       T 10.   T
11.   T 12.   F 13.   T 14.   F 15.   F
16.   F 17.   T 18.   T 19.   T 20.   F
21.   T 22.   F 23.   T 24.   T 25.   T
26.   T 27.   T 28.   T 29.   T 30.   F
31.   T 32.   T 33.   F 34.   T 35.   F
36.   F 37.   T 38.   T 39.   T 40.   F
41.   T 42.   T 43.   T 44.   F 45.   F
46.   T 47.   T 48.   T 49.   T 50.   t

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