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CCC True False Question Answer Paper 13

  CCC True False Question Answer Paper 13:- NIELIT (DOEACC) CCC True and False Question With Answer Paper in English (Hindi) की इस नई Post में हम आप सभी अभ्यर्थियो का फिर से स्वागत करते है और आज की इस पोस्ट में आप CCC True False Questions पढ़ेंगे जो बहुत ही महत्त्वपूर्ण है | हमने अपनी पिछली पोस्ट CCC Question Answer in English (Hindi) आपको शेयर की थी जिसे पढ़ने के बाद ही आपको NIELIT DOEACC CCC True False Question Answer को पढ़ना होगा | CCC True False को पढ़ना का फायदा जब होगा जब आप CCC Study Material, CCC Study Material in English and Hindi (PDF Download) को अच्छी तरह से पढ़ लेंगे |

True/False Questions (NIELIT DOEACC CCC Question Answer in English)

 1. User Agent [UA] is a component of e-mail system, which is responsible for preparing message and creating envelope for message.
  1. Message transfer Agent (MTA) is a component of e-mail system that transfers messages across the Internet.
  2. MIME is a protocol that allows non-ASCII data to be sent through SMTP.
  3. All incoming e-mail messages are to be stored in the OUTBOX folder.
  4. The word bit is the short form of Binary Digit.
  5. Fourth generation computer use integrated circuits.
  6. Binary value of 303 is 00 11 0000 11.
  7. Word provides an Undo button on the Standard toolbar that can be used to cancel the most recent command or action.
  8. If clip art is part of a paragraph and that paragraph is left-aligned, then the clip art also is left –aligned.
  9. When you the print button to print a document, Word prints only the current page.
  10. To quit Word, click the Restore button on the right side of the title bar.
  11. Even and odd pages can have different footers in Word.
  12. Headers and footers are displayed in the normal view in Word.
  13. Connectivity is a concept related to using computer networks to link people and resources.
  14. All communication channels must have physical connections.
  15. Fiber-optic cable transmits data as pulses of light.
  16. The information centre is a company’s primary resource for the development of full scale information systems.
  17. Business data processing is handled by a unit separate form user groups in many businesses.
  18. A microsecond is 1000 times longer than a nanosecond.
  19. The greatest amount of available computing capacity is dedicated to the information systems/data processing category of computer usage.
  20. The transmission of data from a microcomputer to a mainframe computer is called uploading.
  21. You must first precisely select the range of cells to be named, as you will not be able to redefine or modify the rang before adding a name.
  22. Range names can be removed, as well as added, by selecting the Define command from the insert/Name menu.
  23. You can only select built-in headers or footers from t6he Header/Footer tab in the page Setup dialog box.
  24. To choose built-in headers or footers you should click on the Custom buttons.
  25. E-mail addresses are case-sensitive.
  26. A set of rules is known as protocol.
  27. ISP is a company that provides an Internet connection.
  28. Hypertext enables you to read and navigate text and visual information in a nonlinear way base on what you want to know next.
  29. The two parts of an e-mail address is separated by @ symbol.
  30. “In SMTP the message can be of any length”
  31. HTML files are text files only.
  32. You can define many pri9nt areas at a time.
  33. “To define a print area, you should choose the set print area command from the File/Print Area menu then define the range.”
  34. Clicking on any cell will highlight the selected print area.
  35. In Website designing you should make the title catchy descriptive and accurate.
  36. “A SIMILEY, is a sequence of ordinary printable characters, or a small image, intended to represent a human facial expression and convey on emotion.”
  37. You can braw objects in a presentation by using the Design toolbar.
  38. “To create a new worksheet, select worksheet from the file menu.”
  39. “IN a multi-page document, the dotted line that extends on a page is called as soft page break.”
  40.  Numerals have the same widths in a proportionally spaced font.
  41. You cannot use different page-numbering styles in different section of your document.
  42. Presentation graphics are also known as business graphics.
  43. Drawing objects and pictures can be added to notes pages.
  44. Changes to Slide master, apply only to the current slide.
  45. A COLOUR scheme can be applied either to the current slide or to all the slide in a presentation.
  46. A business computer system is designed to generate information by simulating human capabilities.
  47. Artificial intelligence is that ar4ea of research that uses computers to simulate human capabilities.
  48. The rate which you can learn more about computer is accelerated once you gain a basic understanding of computers.
  49. A supervisory position does not involve planning.

Answer (NIELIT DOEACC CCC True and False Question With Answer in English)

1.       T 2.       F 3.       T 4.       F 5.       T
6.       T 7.       F 8.       T 9.       T 10.   F
11.   F 12.   T 13.   F 14.   T 15.   F
16.   T 17.   F 18.   T 19.   T 20.   T
21.   T 22.   F 23.   T 24.   F 25.   F
26.   T 27.   T 28.   T 29.   T 30.   T
31.   T 32.   F 33.   F 34.   F 35.   T
36.   T 37.   T 38.   T 39.   F 40.   T
41.   T 42.   T 43.   T 44.   T 45.   F
46.   T 47.   F 48.   T 49.   T 50.   F

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