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CCC True False Question Answer Paper 12

CCC True False Question Answer Paper 12:- Computer Course on Concept (CCC) NIELIT (DOEACCC) CCC True and False Question Answer in English and Hindi Paper की इस पोस्ट में आप सभी अभ्र्य्थियो का एक बार फिर से स्वागत करते है आज की इस CCC True False की Post में हम आपको Important CCC True False Question Paper in English (Hindi) के बारे में बता रहे है जो CCC Computer Exam Paper 2018 2019 के लिए बहुत ही महत्त्वपूर्ण है | CCC Question Answer Paper in English and Hindi की पोस्ट के लिए हमे निचे कमेंट बॉक्स में कमेंट करे | हमने अपनी इस Website में आपको CCC Study Material, CCC Study Material in English and Hindi में Notes भी शेयर किये है |

True/ False Questions (NIELIT DOEACC CC True and False Questions With Answer in English (Hindi)

  1. Power Point uses its own Clip Gallery, Which is not a part of MS-Office.
  2. One popular chat service is called Internet Relational Chat.
  3. IRC allows people to communicate in “live” discussion.
  4. Newsgroups, unlike mailing lists, use a special network of computers  called the Use Net.
  5. Message Transfer Agent [MTA] is not a component of e-mail system.
  6. A communications protocol (protocol is a set of rules that every computer follows to transfer information.
  7. Wireless communications media transmits information over a closed, connected path.
  8. A client\server net6work is a network in which only one computer is a server and provides Services to the other computers, which are called clients.
  9. Network is an interconnection of autonomous computers.
  10. Base of Octal number system is 8.
  11. Hexa decimal value of 13 is D.
  12. I DD stands for Floppy Disk Driver.
  13. Light pen is output device.
  14. Mouse is a pointing device.
  15. RAM is a primary memory.
  16. Cache memory is faster than main memory.
  17. Google chrome is a web browser developed by Google that uses the Web Kit layout engine.
  18. Web servers and web browsers use HTML for communicating with each other.
  19. The address of any document or a resource on the Internet is known as URL (Uniform Resource Locator).
  20. The small and cheap computers leading to computer revolution are called mainframe computers.
  21. Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) consists of 100 or mor4e electronic components.
  22. Microcomput3er is a CPU on a chip.
  23. Artificial intelligence is the field of study that enables computers to think like human beings.
  24. To be computers literate, you must be able to write computer programs.
  25. You can be a computer literate even though you are not as programmer.
  26. A folder can contain files, but not other folders.
  27. The title bar of an application window contains the name of application as well as the name of the document, you are working on.
  28. The most recently opened files are stored in the document list.
  29. The task bar shows the list of all currently open applications and windows.
  30. Program which acts as a interface between a user and the hardware is called operating system.
  31. Smallest Quantum of data is bite.
  32. Modem is a device which convert digital data to analog
  33. Network of comput6er network is called Internet.
  34. A string of 8 bit is 2 byte.
  35. Picture and sound together is an example for Input device.
  36. A set of instructions is called PROGRAMME.
  37. RAM is known as a main memory.
  38. COBOL Stands for common Business Oriented Land.
  39. ISAM stand for Index sequential Access Method.
  40. Arranging Data in a Particular Order is known as sorting.
  41. As memory that requires refreshing of data is dynamic RAM.
  42. Cache memory is used in a computer system to low down the memory access.
  43. The purpose of accessing information on a magnetic tape is not sequential.
  44. Assembler is a program that translate mnemonic statements into executable instructions
  45. Through BUS a computer transfers data.
  46. A handwritten application is an example of a source document.
  47. Softcopy is a term applied to multiple pages of computer-printed reports.
  48. Batch processing involves the accumulation and processing of data at regular intervals.
  49. In real-time processing, data contained in a computer file is immediately accessible for use in processing.
  50. The terms software and softcopy describe the same non-permanent output.


Answer (NIELIT DOEACC CCC True False Question Answer in English)

1.       T 2.       F 3.       T 4.       T 5.       F
6.       T 7.       T 8.       T 9.       T 10.   T
11.   T 12.   F 13.   F 14.   T 15.   T
16.   T 17.   T 18.   F 19.   T 20.   F
21.   F 22.   F 23.   T 24.   F 25.   T
26.   F 27.   T 28.   T 29.   T 30.   T
31.   F 32.   F 33.   T 34.   F 35.   F
36.   T 37.   T 38.   F 39.   T 40.   T
41.   T 42.   F 43.   F 44.   T 45.   T
46.   T 47.   F 48.   T 49.   T 50.   F

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