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CCC True False Question Answer Paper 11

  CCC True False Question Answer Paper 11:- In another new post of NIELIT (DOEACC) CCC True and False Question With Answer in English and Hindi you welcome all the candidates again. Today in this post you are going to read about CCC True False Questions With Answer in English and Hindi, which is very important for the CCC Exam Question Paper. CCC True False Question 50 Number is very important. Before this post, we have already shared the post of CCC Question Answer in English and Hindi, hopefully you have read that post properly. Please click on the link given below to read the NIELIT DOEACC CCC Study Material, CCC Study Material in English and Hindi.


True/False Questions (NIELIT DOEACC CCC True and False Question And Answer in English and Hindi)

  1. A blog is a website where entries are made in journal style and displayed in a reverse chronological order.
  2. You can create a numbered list as you type by typi9ng I. adding your text, and pressing ENTER.
  3. On most computers, the default font size in word is 16.
  4. If a word is typed that is not in Word’ s dictionary, a red wavy underline appears below the word.
  5. You can save an existing word in the Dictionary.
  6. Hard disk drives and CD drives are examples of storage devices.
  7. You would use application software to create spreadsheets. Type documents, and edit photos.
  8. Mainframes are computers that cannot support hundreds or thousands of users simultaneously.
  9. Identity theft is the term given to the act of stealing someone’ s identity and ruining their credit rating.
  10. Most computer-related errors are the result of improperly prepared data.
  11. The efficiency of the computer provides management with tighter control over a business.
  12. Instructions given in a program do not define any actions for the computer.
  13. All data processing systems must p provide for the input, processing and output of data.
  14. Unwelcomed e-mail is called spam.
  15. Instant messaging and chat groups are the same.
  16. To participate in a chat group you must select a channel or topic, and communicate live with others by typing words on y our computer.
  17. You can draw objects in a presentation by using the Design toolbar.
  18. “To create a new worksheet. Select worksheet from t6he file menu.”
  19. “In a multi-page document the dotted line that extends on as page is called as soft page break.”
  20. Web-based e-mail accounts do not required passwords.
  21. You can delete e-mails form a w3eb-based e-mail account.
  22. You can store web-based e-mail message in online folders.
  23. You cannot send a file form a web-based e-mail account.
  24. Your e-mail address must be unique.
  25. You can sign up for Web-based e-mail without accepting thwe web site’s terms conditions.
  26. You type the body of a reply the same way you would type the body of a new message.
  27. When you reply to a message, you need to 3enter the text in the text in Subject: field.
  28. You can only print one copy of a selected message.
  29. You cannot preview a message before you print it.
  30. There is one way to print a message.
  31. When you include multiple addresses in a message, you should separate each address with a period (.).
  32. You cannot format text in an e-mail message.
  33. You must include a subject in any mail message.
  34. You need to delete a contact and create a new one to change contact information.
  35. You must complete all fields in the contact from before yoiu can save the contact.
  36. You connot edit contact forms.
  37. You should always open and attachment before saving it.
  38. A virtual private network establishes a virtual internet network that consists of you, your customers, and suppliers.
  39. A satellite is a type of wired communications media.
  40. A private network is a network on which your organisation competes for time with others.
  41. The internet has completely dethroned traditional media.
  42. The internet has had an impact on commerce.
  43. The request for comments (RFCs) core topics are internet and the TCP/IP protocol suites.
  44. The back and Forword buttons can be used to visit only pages from the same website.
  45. A protocol used for fetching e-mail from a mailbox is POPI.
  46. All conversations on the IRC are in English.
  47. The full form of ISP is information Source Provider.
  48. In windows XP you can access all of your Windows programs, system settings and documents by clicking on the Start menu.
  49. Linux can be considered as a type of UNIX operating system.
  50. Internet is the example of connectivity.

Answer (NIELIT DOEACC CCC True and False Question Answer in English)

1.     T 2.     F 3.     F 4.     T 5.     T
6.     T 7.     T 8.     F 9.     T 10.                        T
11.                        T 12.                        F 13.                        T 14.                        T 15.                        F
16.                        T 17.                        T 18.                        F 19.                        T 20.                        F
21.                        T 22.                        T 23.                        F 24.                        T 25.                        F
26.                        T 27.                        F 28.                        F 29.                        F 30.                        F
31.                        F 32.                        F 33.                        F 34.                        F 35.                        F
36.                        F 37.                        F 38.                        F 39.                        F 40.                        F
41.                        T 42.                        T 43.                        T 44.                        F 45.                        T
46.                        T 47.                        F 48.                        T 49.                        T 50.                        T

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