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CCC Question Answer True False Spreadsheet

  CCC Question Answer True False Spreadsheet: In this post of NIELIT (DOEACC) CCC Question With Answer and True False Question, you will get CCC Spreadsheet Multiple Choice Question With Answer and True & False Questions today. CCC Question Answer Model Paper and Notes is a main part of the CCC Computer Online Examination that you have to read well. Click on the link below to read CCC Study Material in English and Hindi Post.

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Practice Exercise Multiple Choice Questions Select the appropriate answer the choices given below:

  1. MS-Excel stores dates internally as

(a) date (b) text (c) number (d) date and time

  1. The intersection of row and column forms a

(a) square (b) cell (C) oval (d) worksheet

  1. Which one of the following is not an spreadsheet software?

(Visicaic) (b) Lotus 1-2-3 (c) Multiplan (d) None of these

  1. To copy cell contents using drag and drop, press the.

(a) End Key (b) Shift Key (c) Esc Key (d) None of these

  1. The AutoFill feature

(a) extends a sequential series of data (b) automatically adds range of cell values (c) applies a border around selected cells (d) None of the above

  1. Excel is a

(a) graphic program (b) word processor (c) spreadsheet. (d) None of These

  1. A worksheet range refers to

(a) a command used for date modeling (b) a range of values such as from 23 to 234 (c) a group of cells (d) a group of worksheets

  1. You can edit a cell by

(a) clicking the formula button (b) double clicking the cell (C) selecting Edit> Edit cell from the menu (d) None of the above

  1. Excel document are stored as files called

(a) Workforce (b) Worksheets (c) Worktables (d) Workgroups

  1. Workbook is a collection of

(a) page setup (b) buttons (c) diagrams (d) worksheets

  1. The default file extension of MS-Excel is

(a) .xlr (b) .exe (c) .exl (d) .xls

  1. In order to move from one worksheet to another in MS-Excel workbook, one should click

(a) Active Cell (b) Scroll bar (c) Sheet tab (d) Tab button

  1. Which of the following is not a valid data type in Excel?

(a) Number (b) Text (c) Character (d) Date / Time

  1. In Excel, the contents of the active cell are displayed in the

(a) footer bar (b) tool bar (c) task bar (d) formula bar 15 appear at the bottom of the Excel window. (a) Status bar (b) Name Box (c) Formula bar (d) Title bar 16 …menu shows new, open, close commands. (a) File (b) Edit (c) Insert (d) View

  1. In MS-Excel 2003 menu is used to add/remove, header/footer, view comment, etc.

(a) Formula (b) Edit (c) Insert (d) View

  1. Cut, Copy, Paste are the commands of menu.

(a) File (b) Edit (c) Insert (d) View 19 menu is used to insert new row/column, worksheet, function, picture, etc. (a) File (b) Edit (C) Insert (d) View

  1. In Excel 2007, by which tab we can view and print the gridlines?

(a) Page Layout (b) Format (c) Insert (d) Home

True/False (CCC True False Questions With Answer)

Identify True/False from the following statements:

  1. To create a new worksheet, select worksheet from the file menu.
  2. The Cancel and Enter buttons appear in the formula bar.
  3. A51 is an example of a cell address.
  4. Scroll bars are used to navigate and display different portions of a worksheet in the worksheet window.
  5. You cannot apply fonts on the entered data.
  6. E DATEO is a example of Date and Time functions.
  7. There is only one worksheet in a spreadsheet.
  8. The cell is selected when the cursor is moved over a cell and a user clicks.
  9. When you clear the content of cell, all contents and formats of the cell are deleted.
  10. Two worksheets can be opened in Excel at the same time.
  11. Cancel button on formula bar can be used to undo a cell entry.
  12. In Excel a formula entry start with an equal to sign.
  13. Sheet ! Al Cl is an invalid range address.
  14. Range is a series of two or more adjacent cells in a column or row.
  15. Address of the cell at 20th column and 30th row is T30.
  16. Ctrl + End keys moves to the last cell containing contents in the worksheet in Excel.
  17. Using the undo command you can correct multiple actions.
  18. Sheet tab is displayed when you split a sheet.
  19. You cannot move the active cell within a selected range.
  20. SUM function adds all of the numbers in a range of cells.

Answers (DOEACC CCC Question / True False Answers)  

1. C 2. B 3. D 4. D 5. A 6. C
7. C 8. B 9. B 140. D 11. D 12. C
13. C 14. D 15. A 16. A 17 D 18. B
19. C 20. A 21 F 22. T 23. T 24. T
25. F 26. T 27. F 28. T 29. T 30. T
31. T 32. T 33. T 34. T 35. T 36. T
37. T 38. F 39. F 40. T    



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