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CCC Question Answer True False Introduction to GUI Based Operating System

  CCC Question Answer True False Introduction to GUI Based Operating System:- NIELIT (DOEACC) Course on computer Concept (CCC) Elements of Word Processing Question With answer and True False in English Language Online Free Study This Post, Elements of Word Processing Part of Microsoft Word CCC Exam Question Paper.

NIELIT DOEACC CCC Question Answer / True False Index

CCC Question Answer / True False : Page 1 CCC Question Answer / True False : Page 2 CCC Question Answer / True False : Page 3 Practice Exercise Multiple Choice Questions select the appropriate answer the choices given below:
  1. Microsoft Windows is a(n)
(a) operating system (b) office suit (c) desktop application (d) All of these
  1. The primary purpose of the Windows operating system is
(a) to make the most efficient use of the computer hardware (b) to allow people to use the computer (c) to keep systems programmer’s ernp4oyed (d) to make computers easier to use
  1. The simultaneous processing of two or more programs by multiple processors is
(a) multi-programming (b) multi-tasking (c) time sharing (d) multi-processing
  1. A small figure shown on the desktop screen with a program name is called
(a) menu (b) photo (C) modem (d) icon
  1. All the deleted files go to
(a) recycle bin (b) task bar (C) toolbar (d) my computer
  1. When you want to move an icon on your desktop, this is called
(a) double clicking (b) highlighting (c) dragging (d) pointing 7 may be included in other folder while making hierarchical folder structure. (a) Mini folder (b) Tiered folder (c) Sub folder (d) Object
  1. Files are organized after storing in
(a) archives (b) folders (c) indices (d) lists
  1. Date and time are available on the desktop at
(keyboard) (b) recycle bin (c) my computer (d) task bar
  1. A directory within a directory is called
(a) mini directory (b) junior directory (c) part directory (d) sub directory
  1. A is a collection of information saved as a unit.
(a) tolder (b) file (c) path (d) file extension
  1. File extensions are used in order to
(a) name the file (b) ensure the file name is not lost (c) identify the file (d) identify the file type
  1. A named area on a disk that is used to store related sub folders and files is called as a(n)
(a) desktop (b) folder (c) menu (d) window
  1. What is a file?
(a) A file is a section of main storage used to store data (b) A file is a collection of information that has been given a name and have an extension. (c) A file is the part of a program that is used to describe what the program should do (d) A file can be saved only in CDs.
  1. GUI is used as an interface between (a) hardware and software
(a) hardware and software (b) man and machine (c) program and user (d) None of the above
  1. GUI stands for
(a) Graphical User Interface (b) Graphical Used Interface (c) Great User Interface (d) None of the above
  1. The image, displayed on the desktop of windows
(a) main image (b) wallpaper (c) desktop image (d) Windows image
  1. To access properties of an object, the mouse technology used is……
(a) dragging (b) dropping (c) right-clicking (d) shift-clicking
  1. The key will launch the Start button.
(a) Esc (b) Shift (c) Windows (d) None of the above
  1. It runs on computer hardware and serves as platform for other software to run on
(a) operating system (b) application software (C) programs (d) peripherals


Identify True/False from the following statements:
  1. The operating system, manage the primary memory of the computer.
  2. File system provide a physical view of the information storage.
  3. A user interface is a set of commands or menus.
  4. Linux treats everything as file.
  5. A menu contains programs that can be selected.
  6. A shortcut is an icon on the desktop to provide immediate access to a program.
  7. Reboot button is available on end menu.
  8. If you change windows XP to Window 7, you actually perform up gradation.
  9. An operating system is an application software.
  10. CPM is an example of operating system.
  11. In Windows deleted files are stored in CD.ROM.
  12. The name of the control button which is clicked to enlarge a window to the size of whole screen is minimize button.
  13. Process management is a function of operating system.
  14. My document folder contains hard disk’s partitions.
  15. Task bar consists of three parts start button, middle section and notification area.
  16. You can change the settings of wallpaper, screensaver etc. from mouse properties.
  17. In Windows, various types of files are identified with various extensions.
  18. Windows XP remembers last three actions, and you can undo them.
  19. Shell is a program that provides interface between user and kernel.
  20. In GUI, you need to type commands to perform specific tasks.

Answers (CCC Practice Exercise Multiple Choice Question With Answer / True and False)

1. d 2. d 3. d 4. d 5. a 6. c
7. c 8. b 9. d 10. d 11. b 12. d
13. b 14. b 15. c 16. a 17 b 18. c
19. c 20.a 21. T 22. F 23. T 24. T
25. F 26. T 27. F 28. T 29. F 30. F
31. F 32. F 33. T 34. F 35. T 36. F
37. T 38. T 39. T 40 F

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