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CCC Question Answer Elements of Word Processing

  CCC Question Answer Elements of Word Processing : NIELIT (DOEACC) CCC Computer Exam Question Paper important Part of MS Word, Excel Power Point Internet and Dos Command, CCC Exam Question Answer Paper Notes Study Material Exercise This Post Available. Practice Exercise Multiple Choice Question Select the appropriate answer from choices given below:
  1. What is MS-Word?
(a) A game (b) An operating system (c) Word processing software (d) Typing tutor software
  1. User can use option to cancel the last editing.
(a) Nodo (b) undo (c) redo (d) Unsave
  1. To cut the selected text, these keys should be pressed.
(a) Ctrl + C (b) Ctrl + D (c) Ctrl + V (d) Ctrl + X
  1. To open a new blank document in MS-Word, which shortcut key are used?
(a) Ctrl + S (b) Ctrl + 0 (c) CtrI+P (d ) CtrI+N
  1. Insert table option is in menu.
(a) insert (b) table (c) format (d) file
  1. Where can you find picture style group?
(a) Mailings tab (b) Picture tools format (c) View tab (d) Insert tab
  1. Which tab provides options for changing fonts and their sizes?
(a) View (b) Home (C) Preview (d) Page Layout
  1. A contains button that provide quick access to commonly used commands.
(a).quick access toolbar (b) menu bar (c) window (d) find
  1. MS-Word 2007 allows creation of type of documents by default.
(a) .doc (b) .wpf (c) .txt (d) dot
  1. Border and shading option is in tab.
(a) View (b) Home (c) Insert (d) Page Layout
  1. To see the document before the printout is taken, use
(a) Insert table (b) Paste (c) Format pointer (d) Print preview
  1. What is the overall term for creating, editing, formatting, storing, retrieving and printing a text document?
(a) Word processing (b) Spreadsheet design (c) Web design (d) Database management
  1. To print a document, press then press enter.
(a) Shift + P (b) CtrI + P (c)Alt+P (d)Esc+P
  1. The meaning of ‘Cut’ is
(a) to take selection from document and move it to the clipboard (b) to cut a document in two unequal parts (c) to cut a document in two equal parts (d) to cut a document in many parts
  1. Using print preview is useful when you want to
(a) color the document (b) save the document (c) delete the document (d) print the document
  1. The term copy means
(a) make a duplicate of a file (b) to make selection from the document (c) duplicate the selected text on the clipboard (d) All of the above
  1. The first tab of MS-Word is
(a) Home (b) View (c) Insert (d) Review
  1. Microsoft Office button do.. not contain
(a) Print Preview (b) Save (C) Publish (d) Word Art Answer (NIELIT DOEACC CCC Question With Answer)
1. C 2. B 3. D 4. D 5. A
6. B 7. B 8. A 9. A 10. D
11. D 12. A 13. B 14. A 15. D
16. C 17. A 18. C

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