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CCC Mail Merge Study Material in English

  CCC Mail Merge Study Material in English : NIELIT (DOEACC) CCC Study Material in English (PDF Download) की इस पोस्ट में हम आप सभी अभ्यर्थियो का स्वागत करते है इस CCC Study Material की पोस्ट आज आप सिखने जा रहे है की Mail Merge क्या होता है और इसका कैसे इस्तेमाल किया जाता है | CCC Computer Exam Paper 2018, 2019 में CCC Notes की यह पोस्ट बहुत ही महत्त्वपूर्ण है जिसे हमने CCC Online पढ़ने के लिए बनाया है | हमने अपनी पिछली पोस्ट में CCC Question Answer in English and Hindi के Important Questions भी शेयर किये है जिसे आप अच्छे से पढ़ ले | CCC True False Questions and Answer पढ़ने के लिए निचे दिए गये लिंक पर क्लीक करें |  

Mial Mirge (CCC Study Material)

Creating a Mail Merge Document

Deciding the Type of Document The first step towards creating a Mail Merge document is to decide on the type of the main Document you would like to have, such as a letter, or a lable, or a catalog, etc Suppose you wise to write invitation letters to all your dealers, in the format shown the next page. This letter should have field names – Dealer Mama, Company Name Address, City, State and Reference. These field names which change with respect to each dealer.
To Dealer’s First Name and Last Name, Company Name, Address, City, State, Postal Code. Sub : With Reference to your letter dated [Reference]   Dear [Dealer’s First Name] This is to inform you that our company is holding the annual meeting of ail the dealers at Hotel Surya Conference Room. Friends Colony, New Delhi on the 17th of July, 2001. You are requested to attend the meeting at 7 pm sharp. Dinner will be served at 10 pm.   Sincerely, Vikas Gupta Marketing Director (Dreamtech Publishing House)
To proceed with the working in Mail Merge, You have to open Microsoft Word. For this, you may undertake the following steps:
  1. Click on the Start button of the taskbar. Immediately, a push up menu appears on the screen. (Fig. 1)
  2. Inside the push up menu, click over the AH Programs option. Instantlyl, a second menu gets desplayed on the screen. (Fig. 2)
  3. In the second menu, move the mouse-pointer over the microsoft Word option and click the left mouse-button immediately, a blank Microsoft Word document opens up on the screen (Fig. 2).
Fig 1
CCC Study Material Start Menue

CCC Study Material Start Menue

Fig. 2
CCC Study Material MS Word

CCC Study Material MS Word

  1. Now click on the lasts menu bar option. Instantly, a pull down menu gets displayed on the screen. (Fig. 3)
  2. Inside the down menu, move the mouse-pointer over the Letters and Mailings option. A sub menu appears on the screen. (Fig. 3)
Fig. 4
CCC Study Material Mail Merge

CCC Study Material Mail Merge

  1. Select Mail Merge Wizard option form this sub menu (Fig. 3)Immediately, mil Merge task pane gets displayed on the screen. (fig. 4)
Word takes advantage of the task pane to deliver a brand new way to connect to your data source and create from letters, mailing labels, envelopes and directories. The Mail Merge Wizard is easy to use, but still offers rich, advanced functionality.
  1. This task pane asks you about the type of document you are working on, under the Select document Type (Fig. 4)
  2. Since you wish to send invition letters to all our dealers, move the mouse-pointer over die radio button besides the Letters option and click on it. The button changes from to (Fig. 5)
  3. When you had selected the document type, click over the Next: Starting document option. (Fig. 5)
  4. A new task pane
Opens on the screen. In this task pane, you can select the steup of your letters under the Select starting document option fig. 6
  1. Since you want to use the current document and mail merge wizard to and new recipients, choose the Use the the current document option by moving the mouse Pointer over the radio button besides this option and clicking over it Fig. 6
  2. Now click on the Next Select recipients option Fig. 6
ENTERING DATA GROUP OF data is termed as data source. In our case, the document in which you. Will store the list of dealers address will become the data source. Let us first create a data source for storing the address of ail the dealers. For this, you will undertake the following steps:
  1. When you click over the Next: Select recipients option inside the Select starting document task pane the Select recipients task pane opens on the screen Fig. 7.
  2. As you want to make new list you should select Type a new fist option by moving the mouse-pointer over the radio button besides this option. The button changes from to Fig. 8
  3. To create new list move the mouse pointer over the Create option and Click the left mouse button Fig. 9 A new Address List dialog box gets displayed on the screen Fig. 10.
  4. Below the Enter Address information option of the new Address List dialog box, a number of field names are displayed with their corresponding boxes. Among them the cursor appears in the box beside the Title field Fig. 10. Since our letter format does not have any field with the name Titlel, it is better to remove it. So click over the Customize button, as showsn in Fig. 10. Immediately, a Customize Address List dialog box appears on the screen Fig. 11.
  5. Below the Field Names option all the held names are displayed, the held field Title is already highlighted Fig. 11. Now we want to remove Title field name from our list. To do so, move the mouse-pointer over the Delete button and click on it Fig. 11. Immediately, a message box appears. Assured us Whether we want to delete the field or not Fig. 12
Fig. 10 Fig 11 Fig 12.
  1. Click on Yes button of this dialog box. The Title field gets deleted from the list and next field First Name gets highlighted Fig. 13.
  2. The fields name First Name, Last Name, Company Name and Address Linsl are required, so you should not remove them from the list. The next field, which has to be removed, is Address Line 2. Click on the field name Address Lme2 highlight it Fig. 14.
  3. Click on Delete button to delete the field Address Line2. Now your screen
Fig 13. Fig 14

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